Jim Piccolo – Who is he?

Who is Jim Piccolo and why is he so much looked up to? Is it the money or the empire that he has raised or his humility or the way he speaks is the real attraction?

I am sure, all these questions must have been haunting you if you are aware of his achievements. If you still can’t decide about a reason which made him do wonders with his business and social life, please remember, it takes lot of courage and hard work.

The profound knowledge that he carries, would that be learned from college curriculum or we need special training? Nothing comes at once, you need to invest your life and focus to get to the level that Jim Piccolo has reached. Mark my words, “It’s not a cakewalk” but it’s “not impossible” as well.

Jim Piccolo started his career from scratch and became important from a nobody. He channeled all his energy into creating examples for others which everyone would like to possess and the best part is, it’s reachable and accessible.

Jim Piccolo is one among those personalities whose prolific qualities are not limited to himself. He believes in sharing every drop of knowledge he carries and is always eager to contribute to the nation in every way possible.

In his own words, he stated once, “youths need to learn about the responsibilities wealth brings and should work towards giving it back to the society.”

Jim Piccolo’s Nouveau Riche

The inception of this institute was done with the aim to make students understand the depth of real estate investment. Through Nouveau Riche, Jim Piccolo wanted to train individuals about the options that are available for making smart living.

Yes, I am talking about owning a business with real estate as the driving force.

We have mostly debated about the classroom sessions that tend to be boring and lack actual interaction with the real world. However, Jim Piccolo broke all the boundaries and founded Nouveau Riche, where the classes are more like pep rallies, the exams are occasionally self-graded, and the assignments are optional.

Isn’t that startling? It succeeded because the vision that Jim Piccolo saw was concrete. If students are given freedom to learn with passion and not compulsion, things become favorable. It’s not among those universities which runs on fixed protocol and is unable to accept change.


This again is an initiation towards sharing his wisdom in the field of internet marketing with the youths who are going to build our future. He has always emphasized on entrepreneurship as it contributes more to the development of a country. Tecademics helps you get there.

Through Tecademics, Jim Piccolo is giving way to every individual to empower their career in the fastest growing industry and take all the advantages that it has to share.

Jim Piccolo has designed the modules that will suit every individual. From online studying to getting your own mentor is possible at Tecademics.

He has also managed to provision the partner learning program that will be available after clearing the personal interview.

He wants to sow the seed of hope among his students and let them explore their imagination. Tecademics is only a pathway and it’s success will depend on the number of feet followed it. Student’s engagement is necessary in any way possible.

Jim Piccolo – renowned speaker

Jim’s knowledge sharing is not limited to his students at college and is consistently visiting various countries to deliver his motivational speeches which has always gone beyond expectations.

He has addressed many nation’s audience and has always succeeded in winning hearts in spite of all the cultural and moral differences. This all has been possible because of his willingness to do good and to cultivate positivism among people through his experiences that he has lived so far.

Entrepreneurship – The Future of Economy

The classical theory of economic development

According to the available classical theories of economic development the entire process of development depends on the factors of production i.e. machinery, labor and capital, among which there is division of produce in terms of rent, wages and profit. Hence one cannot see much importance of entrepreneurship to the economy from the point of view of these theories. Thus, one always get an impression that the classical economists never had an overwhelming attitude towards entrepreneurship.

But as the trends suggest, the growing importance and involvement of entrepreneurs in countries like America and Russia has contributed to strengthening of existing economy status of these countries.

Creation of new business opportunities

Entrepreneurs are an asset to any economy, it might not be that hard to understand but the point is further clarified by one of the successful modern day entrepreneurs, Mr. Jim Piccolo.

According to Jim – “The existing business opportunity that exist in the economy has its own range of product and services to offer and hence it has a definite market with little or no variation in due course of time. It thrives of growth in these existing markets”

Further to this he adds – “It lies upon the shoulders of young entrepreneurs of the country to come up with “never thought of” and “path breaking” products and services through which new markets can be developed and newer ways of revenue generation are explored.

The intangible benefits

Entrepreneurship is not only about adding business value to a country but it also brings about social changes and helps in community development as well. Here the reference is not only to the social entrepreneurs but also to the business, trading and technology entrepreneurs.

This can be better understood by an example – Many people in Africa are affected by lack of clean water for drinking purpose. As per the scientists, “use of unclean water for drinking and preparing food is almost similar to having no water at all and can lead to adverse health effects impacting the regular activities of entire society.” A lot of time of people, mostly women are wasted in boiling this water and in making it safer for drinking.

Now let us imagine a filter with a day storage which once filled can provide cleaner drinking water for the entire day or even more. This can be achieved through low cost techniques of multi barrier filtration including polishing through carbon filter and small cartridge which kills harmful bacteria as well.

This will not only save the time of people but also saves energy which can be used for other essential activities like cooking food etc. Also, the health of people will improve making them more productive and thus providing overall benefit to the society.

Where you want to be in the food chain? – Jim Piccolo

Have you seen a Lion eating dinner with wolf or has wolf ever dared to do the opposite? No, the Lion knows that he cannot be friends with his food and wolf cannot risk his life by inviting someone who is higher in the food chain.

This is how life goes and the battle is not limited to the kitchen but everywhere. Everyone is fighting for the top position in the food chain where the goals are unlimited and endless.

But, the one who has the right attitude and mindset, discovers the path to reach the top by conquering every odd. What do you think, the war ends here? No, but it even gets stronger as the oppositions grow and requires much more to maintain the position.

Entrepreneurship is the peak for every career oriented individual and struggles to reach there are way beyond the approach of many. So, what competences it involves?

Getting to know yourself

There is a saying by Marianne Williamson’s, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Is it true? The question haunts us because we never knew as we never tried. When you will trust your capabilities, your journey will have the same uphill slope but the steps that you will take will become effortless.

This is what knowledge and confidence bring in an individual and to be an entrepreneur you require both. So, never stop learning and grab whatever you can, you never know which skill will help you take the last turn.

How you approach others?

Where you need to put the attention at first? I am sure you know it better, it is your marketing strategy. To create awareness of your product and services, marketing is the only means.

Many times, we know what we want to say but what others perceive is totally opposite. The major communication gap happens with misunderstanding and we should never wait to clear that up.

But before we ruin the opportunity knocking at the door, why cannot we think again and wonder, “what if there was something misunderstood?” This can help us save a lot of time fighting with our head.

Do your research and formulate all the questions that you feel can develop from your plan and if possible make notes so that you do not forget any point.

Last but not the least, always be optimistic while replying to your customer or partner or employees.

Reminding yourself of your goals

Do you remember a story from your past when you broke your mum’s favorite glass and then hide in the store? Never knowing that no one is searching for you and you spent 2 hours.

We all have few stories that we tell others many time and it is so rehearsed that we tend to say it in the same format, expressions and prompts. It happens because it is much vivid than anything else inside our memory.

Similarly, never forget to remind you of your goals and even if you are distracted, your memory will bring that back.

Being an entrepreneur is not simple but to remain an entrepreneur is even a tougher job.


“Experience needed for entrepreneurship” has become cliché

What an entrepreneur is capable of or what an individual with entrepreneur competences can accomplish?

Can you find the difference between these perceptions?

Usually, people feel that they should grab huge experience before thinking of starting something on their own.

I believed it sometimes back too.

But world is changing and so is the thought process.

Now, people believe that after graduation, youths are vibrant and ready to face challenges with enthusiasm and with time that attitude suppresses.

In addition, the world has synchronized and learning has become an integral part of everyone’s daily life.

So, the right time is when you feel you want to do it, and you know that there is no turning back.

How can we surpass businesses that are operating from a long time?

Jim Piccolo, a serial entrepreneur, but I would rather term him an artist because he has the art to convert every opportunity into success.

He has given individuals a path to proceed for realizing their dreams.

Jim Piccolo says, “Follow your competitor, know what are their strength and loop holes and then decide your plan for your next move and keep updating it with time.”

He has also started universities like Nouveau Riche and Tecademics to empower youths and assist them in achieving their goals.

According to Jim Piccolo, “Never be adamant on your plans, be flexible and accept changes. Nothing is stable and you should adapt yourself as per your environment.”

What we cannot underestimate?

It is true that you do not need previous experiences to start a firm. However, you need to be a good listener.

You cannot ignore any comment on your plans especially of those who have already done it before.

Listening is not enough. You need to research about the changes suggested and need to work on it to get a better plan.

If you can convince that person with your new approach, you have crossed the initial roadblock.

Entrepreneurship needs a lot of dedication and a promise to yourself that you will never give up.

Jim Piccolo has even put the plaque in his office saying “Never Give up” to motivate himself and all other employees.

How can I tackle obstacles?

With higher goals come bigger obstacles and you need to accept them as you welcome achievement.

“You can stay away from the heat if you do not come out in sun. However, at the same time, you will miss the light.”

What is more important is your courage to fight back with greater force every next time the undesirable situation attacks.

“You are a winner”, tag yourself whenever you win over your problems and keep your passion rolling.

I have met many passionate entrepreneurs who have made remarkable achievements but very few like to share it with others as their responsibility and Jim Piccolo is one of those few.

He has not only experienced many ups and downs but has never failed to train others before they face the same condition.

Jim Piccolo’s philosophy has not only helped him but have favored many others and he will continue to do the same.